Lyckoshellans kennel is located in Hagebyhöga, Sweden,  almost exactly midway between Motala and Vadstena about 10 mil north of Jönköping and about 12 mil south of Örebro.
The kennel name was approved
in 2003.


I, Birgitta, grew up with dogs in our family has always been a four-legged friend, different races passed by during my childhood. The first dog in adulthood was an American Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd after it came into our lives. After a few years without a dog, I decided to change the race again, this time it was a Sheltie, and I have never regretted. First Sheltie we born -99, our Pepsi (Windy Peak Blue Surprise). With him I competed obedience, we got both LP 1 and LP 2, youngest son competed in agility with him and they took along an agility certificate, but any exhibition or breeding dog, he was not, but a beloved family member and "work buddy".


In 2000, I bought another Sheltie, a Blm male named Sprite (Sheltiebackens Idefix), with him competed in agility, he was advanced in ag & Hope 3, he was shown at a dog show a few times, but there was nothing he liked, but my interest in dog shows woke up. He also got some offspring behind.


Then in 2002 came the next Sheltie into my live, Champis (Shellrick's After Eight). The idea was that he would be my show dog, yes, "he was not there so I guess we'll run the obedience and agility," but hope to be able to put out there, and he met all expectations, we became a team, and I Champis. He is the beginning of everything. A great dog mentally, and in my eyes also very beautiful. We went on many dog shows and in 2007 he became SUCH, while we competed in obedience and took an LP 1, my son also competed in agility with him. With Champis as "basic" I bought my first bitch, Jaffa (Lundecock's Look At Me). The first litter was born in 2005, e. Champis and u. Jaffa, in the litter I kept a tri bitch, Lyckoshellans Angel In The Night, Soda, and after her, I saved our, Lyckoshellans Eternal Wish, Chivas, a grandson of my wonderful Champis , etc.. I have in other words Champis owe everything to .. Unfortunately, I had to take my life's hardest decisions in 2010 and let this wonderful dog put to sleep. All who have been involved in during our years together knows what he has meant to our whole "pack", but he lives on here by children and grandchildren.


Lyckoshellans have a small breeding one to two litters per year. I choose our combinations with care. My goal is to breed healthy and sound dogs, mentally, and that is also beautiful to look at. Since I was very active with my dogs so the mentality is very important to me. We do not want any nervous or afraid Shelties. We want to alert and happy Shelties!

Have you got a Sheltie so it's easy to get more of this wonderful breed. Now there is no other race for us, the Sheltie
has it all!